Urethane Clear Coat (added to all jobs) $200.00

Nitrocellulose Clear Coat (for vintage guitars) $250.00

Swirl Clear Coats $225.00



JS Snakes

Satriani "Snakes" $1000.00

Silver Surfer

Satriani "Silver Surfer" Flames $1000.00

Donnie Hunt

Satriani "Donnie" Faces $600.00

The Fool

"The Fool" Guitar $1000.00

Monterey Pop

Jimi Hendrix "Monterey Pop Strat" $400.00


All prices below do not include clear

Basic Solid Colors $199.00

Transparent Colors and Stains $230.00

Candy Colors $325.00

Metallic Colors $250.00

Neon Colors $275.00

Pearl Colors $350.00

Mirror Chrome Finish $445.00

Simple Illustration $250.00 +

Detailed Illustration & Graphics $350.00 +

Color sand & Buff Scratches $75.00

Strip Paint off Guitar Body $100.00



Clear Gloss (back) $60.00

Clear Satin (back) $50.00

Transparent Colors (back) $70.00

Matching Headstock (basic solid color) $80.00

Decal Application (plus decal) $10.00

*Set Neck / Neck Through Paint (Les Paul, Carvin, PRS) add $75.00

*For Custom Colors, Nitro, or Paint, please call or email for pricing.



 Basic Guitar Setup (recommended with most repairs) $60.00 +
(includes cleaning, polishing, light fret dress, intonation, neck adjustment, bridge height, string height, nut height, checking and cleaning electronics, lubricate fingerboard, (not including new strings)

Buzz Feiten Tuning System $129.00 +
(includes new Buzz Feiten Nut with Serial Number Sticker)

Block Floyd Rose $30.00 plus setup +
(stops bridge from moving when tuning down)

Replace Input Jack $25.00 +
(does not include long barrel jacks)

Fret Dress Rosewood Fingerboard $65.00 - Clear Finish Fingerboard $80.00
(level, take off sharp fret ends, crown, polish)

Refret Rosewood Neck $200.00 +

Refret Maple Fingerboard $250.00 +

Refret All Necks with Binding $350.00 +

Replace Bridge Saddle with Bone $55.00 +
(plus setup)

Repair cracked Headstock $200.00 +
(plus setup)

Re-glue Loose Bridge (Acoustic) $200.00 +
(plus setup)

Replace Headstock Nut with Bone $60.00 +
(plus setup)

Complete Rewire $65.00 +
(plus parts)

Replace Tuners $35.00-$60.00
(plus parts)

Replace Volume/Tone Pot $25.00
(plus standard pot)

Acoustic Under Saddle Pickup Installation $100.00 +
(plus setup)

Electric Pickup Installation $30.00 +
(direct replacement only)

All Electrical Diagnosis and Troubleshooting $50.00 (minimum)

last updated on: 6/19/16

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